Yuki Team

Yuki Management & Research Co. Ltd

Mr. Magoyuki Oshitani

Magoyuki (Yuki) is the owner and founder of the Yuki Group, which was established in 1991.

  • He has 40 Years of investment experience
  • He is the head of the data management group (quantitative screening team)
  • He is the originator of Yuki Matrix and investment process

Prior to setting up Yuki, he was the senior portfolio manager/director at Fidelity (Japan) in the team led by Peter Lynch

Magotaka Oshitani

Taka is an owner, director, portfolio manager, and senior analyst for Yuki Management & Research

  • He has 14 years of investment experience in the data management team, and as an analyst, and portfolio manager
  • He has been the portfolio manager of flagship fund, the Yuki Japan Rebounding Growth Fund, since Its inception in March 2011
  • He is the portfolio manager of the Yuki Global Select Fund and Yuki Select Strategies Fund.

Yuki - Co, LLC

Jeff Collett

Jeff is a Co-founder of Yuki - Co, LLC

  • He started his career in Japan as head of private placements at Merrill Lynch. He sponsored Magoyuki Oshitani's first institutional fund through the Merrill Lynch Platform. And has been working closely with Yuki over the last 30 years.
  • He is primarily focused on asset gathering and investor presentations

Nick Collett

Nick is a Co-founder of Yuki - Co, LLC

  • He is primarily focused on client relations and distribution of fund materials.
  • He also works with Jeff in raising assets for the Yuki funds. He is responsible for new client outreach