Yuki History

Yuki Group was founded by Mr. Magoyuki Oshitani, Group CIO.

The Yuki Group story so far.......

  • Database and Consulting Business
    Yuki Asset Management Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Established 1991
  • Investment Advisory Business
    Yuki Investment Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Established 1996
  • Discretionary Investment Management Business
    Yuki Management & Research Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Established 2001
  • International Business
    Yuki - Co, LLC, Established 2018

From 1983 to 1991, Magoyuki Oshitani, served as Senior Analyst, Director and Senior Portfolio Manager at Fidelity (Japan), where he learned his craft and honed his fund management and analytical skills. He correctly identified the factors that led to both the rise of Japanese markets in the '80s and their fall in the '90s and was instrumental in Fidelity's decision to temporarily exit the Japanese market in the early ‘90s.

After leaving Fidelity, Mr. Oshitani established Yuki Asset Management in 1991 as a consultancy firm to utilize and develop his proprietary database of companies. In 1996, in order to share his expertise and investment philosophy with Japanese institutes, Yuki expanded into the investment advisory business through Yuki Investment. Yuki established a family of investment strategies collectively called the "Yuki" funds that have consistently achieved Yuki's objectives of long-term capital appreciation and capital preservation. In 2001 Yuki established Yuki Management & Research, a full-discretionary investment management business, managing domestic and offshore funds. To further support its international activities, Yuki established YMS Management Services (formerly Yuki Ireland) in Dublin in 2005 and Yuki International in London in 2006. In 2019 a decision was made to close Yuki International and appoint Yuki - Co, LLC as placing agent for the funds