Investment Process

Typical Portfolio Composition

The portfolio managers consider all of the available intelligence on a company and consult with the trader to ascertain current market price and sentiment to better understand that stock's momentum or "energy."  The portfolio manager then makes the investment decision and the trader executes at best price. 

Yuki's database of fundamental company information and analysis, as well as the firm's matrix, is updated daily with market feeds allowing the monitoring of company movements across categories and stages.

Yuki controls risk by investing no more than 10% of any fund in a single position, holding no more than 5% of a company's voting shares and never taking leveraged positions. 

Yuki does not take a sector approach when building a fund portfolio.  Instead it identifies four to five investment themes and invests in growth companies that are associated with those themes.  In general, each fund will consist of 50 to 60 names and each of the top ten positions will have a weighting of at least 3%.  No single position will exceed 10% of the fund.  The funds will be fully invested, with no more than 5% in cash.  The Rebounding Growth Fund, which is a UCITs fund, has the ability to hold up to 20% in cash.  The fund manager together with the trader will carefully consider the liquidity profile of each of the fund’s positions to ensure that the funds can accommodate the needs of any redeeming investor without compromising the performance for the remaining investors